Tae Kwon Do Bracelet belts

TaeKwonDo Belt Bracelets, show off your ranks with a 550 paracord bracelet. Made in the USA.

Customize your bracelet to match your belt rank. All colors available to match your current rank including tips and center stripes. All paracord bracelets are made in the USA from 550 paracord. Not only do they look great. These bracelets can be used in survival situations.

Taekwondo green belt 3 tae kwon do bracelets kid wearing bracelet

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  • Very low investment, less than $100. Special instructror bracelet included
  • Free bracelets for two senior students or assistant instructors
  • 20% commission on all sales
  • Personlized velcro clasp to help promote your dojang

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Paracord Bracelets are hot!

Made from genuine 550 paracord (can hold up to 550 lbs) and hand woven in the USA, paracord bracelets have become very popular. Not only are they fashionable but they are a handy accessory for avid outdoor types. If you ever find yourself in a bind, you can take apart your paracord bracelet and use it to make slings, tie together a shelter, remove the inner strands to fish or secure your gear.

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Tae Kwon Do School Owners and Instructors

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